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Learn How to Create An App

Creating your own app can be a difficult process. It certainly was in the past. Until a few years ago, not many business or individuals had the tools, resources, or expertise to create an app quickly and easily. They had to do it from scratch, they had to program it manually from the ground up, and then came the nightmares associated with cross-platform compatibility and getting their app published to each of the major app vendors. Yikes!

Thankfully, the technology to create an app has improved by leaps and bounds. These days, you don’t even need to know how to code or to learn any programming languages. All you have to do is find the right service provider who will give you the tools and the expert customer service needed to show you how to create an app you can be proud of.

How to Create an App with an App Maker

The reason it is so much easier to create apps today than it was even five or ten years ago is because of all the app makers that you have to choose from. You can purchase app maker software which lets you use your own files (including images, sound, PDFs, and more) to create a truly custom app. Sometimes, however, these can make clunky, buggy, or less-than-perfect apps. And if you want to make a truly high quality app for your business or for personal use, you’re going to want to team up with an app making service for best results.

App making service providers (such as the technology wizards here at Appsbar) pair sophisticated, top of the line app making software with actual human brainpower to create a truly unique app. There’s no need to worry about functionality problems, bugs, or publishing problems when you have real, live people helping you every step of the way.

How to Make an App with a Service Provider: How Much Should I Expect to Pay?

That’s an excellent question! Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a concrete answer. There are some services out there which will help you build the app you want to your exact specifications, and they may charge you a flat rate for their trouble. There are other services which promise to help you build and maintain your app in exchange for a subscription fee. And then there’s us.

See, Appsbar works a little differently than most app making service providers. Yes, we use app making software to help you make your app, although we have 37 different templates to start from (which is WAY more than most of the other guys). And yes, we also provide you with ’round the clock customer service so that we can work with you to make the best possible app for your needs. Also, yes, we will help you iron out any cross-platform compatibility issues and get your app published in the iPhone, Android, and other big app stores. But there’s one thing, unlike our competition, that we will never do: charge you a single dime. This is because our service is absolutely free. If you don’t believe us, feel free to contact us and ask us any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to answer them!

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So You Want to Make Your Own App

So you’ve decided to make your own app. That is an admirable goal – many people dream of making their own apps, but often fail long before their desires ever become a reality. You probably have a lot of questions about making your own app – but don’t worry, because we have got plenty of answers!

The First Thing You need to Know to Make Your Own App

The first thing you need to know is what you want your app to do. And the only thing that really limits you in this regard is your own imagination. You can make games, instructional “How To” guides for virtually any niche market or hobby, or apps designed to connect people in a social media sense. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

What’s the Next Step to Make Your Own App?

Well, once you have an idea of what you want your app to do, this will give you a better idea of the scope of your project. If you want to create an app that teaches people who own Android devices how to become a championship whistler, for example, it will have a much smaller scope (and, surprisingly, not very much competition) when compared to something like a Candy Crush app.

What Else Should People Know about How to Make Your Own App?

For lots of people, creating their own app can be a rewarding labor of love – or a logistical nightmare. And the larger the scope of your project is, the more overwhelming it can feel. But the important thing for most people to realize is when and how to find help if their app project becomes too big, or the scope of their project becomes too much to handle by themselves.

This has created a big market for people who know programming and for people who are familiar with the app publishing industry to step in and help. With the assistance of app creation software, you don’t need to spend hours learning how to program code and make your own app compatible across multiple platforms. You won’t have to navigate the difficult field of getting your app published. There is an entire service industry of experts who know how to help you in that regard.

However, not all of these companies are created equal. Some operate off of a “bait and switch” type of business model, where they lure you in with promises of free services but reserve all of the app features that you actually want for their “premium” or “upgraded” business accounts – which cost money. And if you are trying to make your own app for the very first time, or if you’re a budding entrepreneur without a lot of financial resources, this could hinder or even kill your project.

But there are companies out there who can and will help you make your own app without charging you a small fortune. Some companies (such as us here at appsbar) can even help you create a high quality app completely free. And, not to toot our own horns too loudly, we think we’re pretty great at it.

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If You’re Looking for a Mobile App Maker, Start Here

Are you interested in a mobile app maker? Mobile app makers come in many different shapes and forms. Some mobile app makers are little more than a software program, while other services use an automated web interface to help you pick and choose what features you want in your app. Furthermore, there are development teams of real, live humans who have the coding knowledge and expertise to create a custom app just for you and your personal or business needs. We’ll give you all the details you need to know about the different kinds of mobile app makers out there. And with that knowledge, we hope you go out into the world and create some amazing apps!

You Know You Need a Mobile App Maker When…

Well, the short answer to that question is “when I want to make an app, of course!” But there can be a little more to it than that. Most people don’t have the knowledge to make their own app from scratch. Because of this, products and services have been designed to make apps for you. However, many of these will cost you money, whether you’re purchasing a software program to do it for you or, hiring a team of software experts to make it.

Depending on what your needs are, they will determine whether you pay for a mobile app maker program or a team of experts to make your app for you. Next, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of paying for a mobile app maker. This information can really help you make up your mind when you aren’t sure which approach you want to take.

Types of Mobile App Makers: Pros and Cons

Depending on the type of app you want to design, you might be better off with one type of mobile app maker over another. If your goals are less ambitious, if the features of your app are few and simple, then you could save some money on purchasing a software product. Your app will be a little cookie-cutter, but if it does the job, then it’s most likely worth the investment.

For a more ambitious app project, you’re going to want to hire a company that specifies in this particular service. Be sure to shop around though, because not all mobile app makers are created equal. You’re going to want to look for a company that provides excellent customer service, is willing to help you publish your app to any and all relevant app stores, and offers cross-platform compatibility. Also, naturally, you’re going to want this for the most affordable price.

Then again, you could let us here at AppsBar help you out. We’ll provide the best possible customer service while we help you build your app and, unlike most other service providers, we’ll do it for free. No joke. Feel free to give our mobile app maker a try – it won’t cost you a cent!

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How Do I Create An App?

Ask Us 'How Do I Create An App'

If you have found yourself asking this question lately, whether to yourself, Google, or your tech-savvy friends, we are glad that your search for the answer has led you here. At AppsBar, we have been coding and publishing apps for many years, and we have all sorts of experience with creating apps. And if you want, we can help you design your very own – completely free.

How Do I Create An App On My Own?

Creating your very own app from scratch can be a very complicated process. And if you are not already a coding expert, you are going to be fighting an uphill battle. Creating an app usually involves knowing several different programming languages in order to create your app with the best possible code for your platform of choice. If you want to reach many different people, clients, or potential customers with your app, then you are also going to have to worry about cross-platform compatibility – this means making sure that your app will work (and work well) with android devices, iPhones, and also windows phones.

And, finally, creating an app can cost a lot of money and/or time if you are creating one from scratch using your own resources. It can take scores or even hundreds of man hours to type out all the code, test, and re-test to make sure the app works. And if you don’t already have the right connections, getting your app published can be a tedious and lengthy process. Many would-be “app-trepreneurs” become so intimidated by the development process that they give up before they even start. But that sad fate doesn’t have to happen to you.

How Do I Create An App On a Budget?

There are many services online which promise to help you make your very own app. Some of them charge a large fee, claiming that they will give you a wider variety of options and a custom content creation experience in return (however, this isn’t always the case). Then there are the “free” app creating services, which offer you limited options, sneak in hidden fees here and there, or offer you a “premium” app creation service (that you have to pay for). Then there are companies like us here at AppsBar. When we say you can create your very own app for free, we mean it. And we’ll give you more options and provide you with much more comprehensive customer service than most of those other supposedly free app creation websites.

The important thing is to do your research before you decide to create your own app. Whether you decide to pay someone else to create your app, whether you decide to forge your own path and build your app from scratch, or whether you let us here at AppsBar help you out, you have to choose the option which will best suit the unique and individual needs of your app.

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So You Want to Create a Free App. We’re Here to Help.

Create a Free App even at Golden Hour

Basically, there are two different kinds of apps available for smart phones and tablets these days: free apps, and paid apps. Free apps can be downloaded almost instantly, and enjoyed by anyone with a compatible device who happens to be interested in the product or service which the app provides. Paid apps, on the other hand, often come with an initial upfront fee before you can download and use them. Today, we’re going to explore the popularity of free apps, and why they are so much more successful than paid apps.

Why So Many Prefer to Create a Free App

There are hundreds of millions of apps out there available for download right now, and most of them are free. Part of the reason there are so many apps is because you can customize an app to do just about anything. There are advice and self-help apps, apps that allow you to play fun games, apps that make funny noises to annoy your dog, and even apps that can teach you the proper way to tie your shoes (we’re not kidding).

Above all, apps are a great way to connect your business or passion with others who share the same interests. Restaurateurs can create free apps to attract potential patrons. Artists can share information about themselves and their work with fans. Or, on a more personal level, you can use a free and customized app to connect yourself to the important people in your life in ways that large social media apps with questionable or confusing privacy policies cannot.

You (Yes, You) Can Create a Free App Today

That’s right: anyone can create a free app if they want to these days. And you don’t have to be a super-genius who has spent years studying every type of programming language on the planet. There are many companies out there who have automated the process and created a cookie-cutter “drag & drop” method for creating free apps. All you have to do is supply content (pictures, music, PDF files, etc.) to fill in the blanks.

But if you want your app to really stand out from the crowd, you are probably going to want something a little less “assembly line” and a little more “custom build”. There are only a handful of companies who specialize in this process, because it’s easier for them to make a quick buck by offering a generic template to all of their clients. At appsbar, however, we currently have over 37 different types of apps for you to start building from. We can also offer you additional tools and wizards to help you create a free app that is truly unique. And we will help you through the creation process every step of the way.

Regardless of how you create a free app, you’re taking a big step towards connecting yourself, your business, and your life’s passion with 21st century technology. Once you do so, you’ll be amazed at how much it can change your life.

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AppsBar App Review From Robin Samora Inc

AppsBar Review

How to Build Your Own App + Tech Tools that Rule

Dear Friends and Fellowpreneurs,

I’ve never been a techy kind of gal, but appreciate technology and the bells and whistles of innovative products and services, especially ones that make my life (and business) easier!

This week, I’d like to share two websites and platforms that piqued my interest:

The first is It’s a forum where you can create an online newspaper in minutes, and automatically find and publish articles as well as photos and videos from the web. I’m in the process of test driving it now, and what I love is the collection of information based on what my preferences are. This customized ‘stream’ could be used to reach out to my audience and deliver insightful news, data and stories about PR, visibility, branding, speaking, getting your message out there, and so on. I’m thrilled to have heard about this from Janet Powers at the Women’s Tool Box, of which I’m a supporter.

Next on my list to try, is the free app builder Although I haven’t had the time yet to create my own app (perhaps over the Thanksgiving holiday I will), my contact Rebecca told me they have 500,000 users already. They’ve also been awarded the People’s Choice Stevie Award in 2013 for the new tech company of the year. I love that there’s a step by step process for non-geeks like me. I laugh knowing – for real – that my teenage nieces could out-app me in record time!

Everyday there’s something to learn. If I can implement a new strategy or share it with someone who can benefit from my findings, I’m happy to share. Isn’t that the point of a collaborative environment.

Fess up! What techy treats are you hiding on your smart phone or other savvy device that will help the small business owner or entrepreneur?

Whether you spill the beans or not, send me a note when you build an app or start an online newspaper geared to your audience. I’ll probably be impressed.

People and ideas generally amaze me. I love that
about life.

Make it a great weekend, and like a turkey, strut
your stuff!
Robin Reviews AppsBar


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Pay It Forward With AppsBar App Building Software

Over the Columbus holiday weekend team AppsBar volunteered our time to help in the community serving up the best BBQ in North Lauderdale for the kids and their families at the Boys and girls club, we had a great time. Here are a few nonprofit apps that do the same in their prospective neighborhoods, feel free to build your own and share with your community. Have a great day.

IGNITE ASSOCIATION (Ignite Associat app), a non-profit & non-political organization working in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The organization is all about promoting awareness on various issues in the society.               App Building Software

RonFree ministries, is a Non profit organization that is devoted to serving it’s community. We believe that by lending a hand, we can leave a mark in someones life. Our mission is to ” Help other excel one day at a time by motivating, preparing and offering skills to cope with everyday situations.”                         App Design Software

Ebenezer Presbyterian Church is a Christ centered, bible believing church who claims personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord. We believe in the great potentials our God has embedded in all, and it is our desire to share the message of God’s redeeming love and grace with you. “Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28 App Building Software

The 7 Social Fun app, we are a non-profit organization funding for education in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.                 App Design Software

App Building Software

Chicktime of Muscle Shoals AL is a Non-Profit Organization that was established to help the abused and neglected individuals. Download our free CHICKTIMEMS app today.               App Design Software

This DIAUSA app represents the Defense Industry Alliance. The Defense Industry Alliance is a non-profit membership organization serving the business interests of the defense, government contracting and aerospace industries, and those who want to do business with these industries. We also serve the interests of transitioning military and civilian DoD personnel in their search for a new career.                          App Building Software

SRF San Juan (Asociacion de Autorealizacion) es una rama de Self-Realization Fellowship, una organizacion sin fines de lucro, fundada en 1920, por Paramahansa Yogananda.             App Design Software

We’re working to plant a church in North Portland,  loving what is, because we hope for something more, stay on top of North Portland Project Updates with our free NOPO app, information, events, and more!                            App Building Software

Clara Mohammed School (CMS Bermuda app), a non-profit organization, is a registered Bermuda charity #647. CMS strives to provide a positive impact on the community by providing events and donating part of proceeds to other charities. Our fundraising aims to provide the resources for CMS to update and acquire new academic materials. Please enjoy the games. We appreciate donations. CMS: Striving for Moral, Educational and Human Excellence!              App Design Software

App Building Software


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Create & Build Custom Apps With AppsBar, the easy-to-use tool for creating and publishing tablet and smartphone apps has announced a dynamic new upgrade that allows users to build custom apps right from their mobile device.

The feature-rich release of appsbar for mobile web enables users to manage and update their appsbar-built apps through any mobile device.

Launched in 2011, appsbar opens up the mobile marketing category for small and medium-size businesses, artists and musicians, and individuals who want to take part in the mobile revolution. The company has accomplished this by making app building easy.

To date, appsbar has grown to over a half million users to become the most popular app building platform in the world.

“The new appsbar allows you to build a professional mobile app from your smart phone or tablet as well as your computer,” said company Founder and CEO Scott Hirsch. “And it’s still free. We are obviously excited about this new upgrade to the appsbar platform.

Using the mobile web version of appsbar, users can create develop apps using the same tools that were available on the desktop including:

  • Upload multimedia such as photos, videos and audio directly from mobile or tablet device into an appsbar app.
  • Operate a fully-functional HTML editor to enhance or create content pages.
  • Maintain RSS feeds as well as forms.
  • Utilize tools to create, update and test games.


Appsbar users can also modify existing apps on-the-go as well as create and test new apps without being relegated to a desktop environment. All current appsbar forms and pages are supported including discography, menus, photos, and videos.

“It has been our mission to democratize app development and distribution and to give anyone who wants to build an app a pathway to realize their vision,” said Hirsch. “We developed appsbar to give people the power to build, create, and distribute those apps free of charge. Now the mobile web version makes all of these things even easier.”

Launched in 2011, appsbar opens up the mobile marketing category for small and medium-size businesses, artists and musicians, and individuals who want to create in that space. Appsbar has done this by removing the two largest barriers; cost and programming expertise. Appsbar is doing for mobile apps what companies like Intuit and Blogger have done for novices looking to publish websites and blogs. To date, appsbar has grown to over a half million users to become the most popular app building platform in the world.

To create an app of your own with the easy-to-use app maker, go to To view and download other interesting new apps for free, visit To schedule an interview, media can contact Robert Weneck at (954) 683-1518.

Read the full story at

Read more:

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AppsBar App Review From Craigs Tech Blog

Posted by 

Some of you might recall I presented at the 2013 MECA state conference in Jackson, MS.  One of the sessions washow to create your own app using Appsbar.  During the session, the participants raised several questions about the service, and I promised I would get the questions to Appsbar and the answers back to you.  Well, here is what you have been waiting for.


 1. On the sign in screen, the video sometimes blocked the submission button if the screen resolution was not large enough. They wondered if the video could be moved perhaps?

2. On the events calendar, they wondered if there are plans to include an import from Google Calendar, Outlook calendar or some external calendar system.

3. Also on the events calendar, they wondered since they are educators, is there a possibility of putting Monday-Friday as a repeat option, since schools are in session M-F.

4. On the social media page, the question was are there plans to includePinterest as an option, rather than just putting it in the “other” category with a question mark as the icon.

5. On the shopping cart feature, the question was is there a way that as a user, could the reposition the shopping cart somewhere else on the page other than the first icon.

6. On the Contact page, I explained that is a page that can not be deleted. Has to be completed. The question came up if someone added a second contact page, and then wanted to delete it, what can they do? I just shrugged my shoulders and said I would send it to you for your advise!

7. The question came up about native Apple app code vs HTML5. I told them I would ask, because that is something I could not answer.

8. The final question they had, was if Appsbar is free, how are you making money? The concern was if they create an app, and it hits big in their schools, will they have to start paying for it? Will their users start getting hit with span advertising? It is a valid questions in my mind for educators. Can you shed any light on that?

Here are the responses to the questions

1. This is something that happens quite often when using Internet Explorer. We do NOT suggest using explorer with our website. We have experienced a host of problems with IE and quite honestly, we’ve become frustrated with the browser. We continue to try and improve it, but we ALWAYS suggest using other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  It is not only IE that issue occurs though. I brought it to the attention of our IT team and they will be looking into the issue to get it amended as soon as possible.

2. We do have plans to incorporate external calendars as well as external data files. Currently, the “reminder” imports the event directly into your phone’s default calendar.

3. This is a request that we haven’t received yet. I will provide this suggestion this week in our meeting and see what our developers think. My initial thought would be that they haven’t done it because they essentially mirrored the information fields of the Google Calendar.

a. If you click on the “reminder” button for the app, you will see that you can edit the fields of your devices calendar so that you receive the alert whether the app is running or not.

4. We currently have plans to add a host of social networks to the social links module. We also have plans to allow the user to add an “other” social link but upload their own icon (to prevent from the question mark image).

5. The option to move the shopping cart icon around was introduced in the early stages. Our studies showed that many of our users were inserting the shopping cart last, causing the app holder to forget that it was there (in turn reducing the number of people who used it). Our company leaders decided it would be best to keep it as the first module to influence app holders to utilize it.

a. With that said, that was a decision that was made when we first introduced this feature. The feature has since expanded and so has our user’s understanding of the module. With such increase in efficient use of it, it may be time that we give our users more freedom in the placement. I will strongly advocate for this change to be made.

6. Unfortunately the system limits the removal of contact pages. In order to have them removed it is simple, just shoot us an email with the name of the app and name of the page that you want removed and we can delete it on our end. If your app contains only 1 contact page we will not remove the page though.

7. We are currently in the process of developing our Apple Binaries. It’s a long process essentially because we are putting a lot of time, money, and energy into ensuring that we create the best possible apps; especially because of the strict guidelines of the App Store.

8. Appsbar is free. As of right now, we currently do not make any money as a company. We do own the rights to add advertisements to the apps – we only foresee that happening if the time comes that our funds are too low to continue production efficiently. If so any ads will be minute and will not disrupt the functionality of the app.

Our founder’s name is Scott Hirsch. He has a great reputation of developing companies in his years as a businessman. When I initially asked him this question two years ago (when I first started with the company), his answer to me was, “Is Facebook free? Is Google free? We’ll worry about making money when the time comes. For now, let’s just change the world.”

Be sure to remember that our developers tackle issues on a priority basis. For instance, our tech team has prioritized the Apple app, thus production on other things are a lot slower. Before the Apple app, it was the Games module. Since we are a free service, we have a small team, which means we may not fix things as fast as a large revenue company would. That’s just something I figured I’d tell you to keep in mind.

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AppsBar App Review From Restaurant-Hospitality.Com


There’s no question that customers increasingly use mobile devices to find information about and otherwise interact with restaurants. But if you can’t afford to have professionals build your mobile app from scratch, you may wish to explore a free service that walks you through the app creation process and then does the heavy lifting that helps you publish it through various apps stores.
Restaurant operators have access to multiple app creation tools right now. Some are free, some aren’t. Some are simple to use, others require the coding skills of an MIT computer science major. You can view a few of the options by visiting sites like App Makri Build App and Conduit.

For this article, we’re taking a look at a service called Appsbar, for three reasons:

• Because it appears to be something a restaurant operator with limited technology skills and/or resources could actually use;

• Because is promises no costs, hidden or otherwise; and

• Because it has a restaurant-specific template that helps users create most of the functions a good restaurant app should have.

Whoever thought up the restaurant part of this company’s app creation platform seems to have had a good grasp of what content is needed on a restaurant’s mobile app and how that content should be organized.

AppsBar Review

Appsbar lets users create their own mobile apps for free.